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Date 2014-07-30 18:24:22
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YoungDo's Environmental Policy

To be aware of the environmental impact that business activities can put through and to make efforts towards its continuous improvement, we hereby pledge as follows:

·         1. Comply with global and local environmental legislations and requirements, and perform environmental management above the level of clients’ expectation.

·         2. Minimize the potential negative effects on environment by confirming and continuous managing EMS (Environmental Management System).

·         3. Comply with global regulations and customers’ requirements on the hazardous substances to provide safe products, and commit to enhance customer values by providing eco-friendly products.

·         4. Contribute to world-wide green growth through eco-friendly production including improvement of Energy use, Greenhouse gas(GHG) emissions, Water use, Wastewater disposal, Air emissions, Waste management and etc.

·         5. YoungDo TrimArt Co., Ltd. and its partner companies plan and conduct business activities under the consideration of environmental issues, and raise awareness of environment among executives and staff members through continuous trainings.


As a result of above efforts, we aim to provide information of the environmental performance to customers and stakeholders on a regular basis.


2014. 7. 30

YoungDo TrimArt Co., Ltd.
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